Kingly durian at commoner prices: Prices of Musang King and other durian clones take a dive [NSTTV]

KUANTAN: Brace yourselves, Musang King lovers! As simultaneous production floods the market and export plans hit a snag, the coveted durian and some famous clones are experiencing a drop in price.

Once commanding a princely sum of RM50 to RM70 per kg, the coveted grade A Musang King has now humbled itself to a range of between RM20 and RM30.

Fruit dealer Mohd Kamarul Hafsan, 37, revealed that more affordable farm rates had caused the onset of cheaper prices.

He pointed out that durian production, particularly in Johor, had taken an unforeseen turn.

These thorny treasures are ripening simultaneously, compelling growers to act swiftly to avert a tragic fate of spoilage.

He said that his supplies arrived daily from Johor and Maran. The juicy treasures include the "kampung" varieties and renowned clones such as Musang King, Kunyit, Udang Merah, IOI, Kasak Merah and Tupai King.

"Thanks to the combination of affordable farm prices and temporarily being unable to export, I have the pleasure of offering the king of fruits at a mere RM6 to RM30 per kg," added Kamarul.

"Fans of the king of fruits will be able to savour the clones this season, when before they had to forego due to the 'kayangan' prices," he added.

Positioned on the bustling side of Jalan Gambang-Kuantan near Batu Tiga, Kamarul has sold over three tonnes of assorted durians each day since last week.

The locale has become a mandatory stop for tourists who refuse to miss the chance to indulge in this exquisite fruit at a reasonable price.

With a steady flow of 200 to 300 customers daily, the "Mok marah jual mahal" sales centre not only offers delectable durians but also provides a comfortable dining experience with tables, chairs, and water.

The durian extravaganza is set to continue for three months, long enough to satiate fans of the king of fruits.

To meet the rising demand, Kamarul has enlisted the help of eight assistants who find themselves grappling with the ever-increasing throngs of customers, particularly during the weekends.

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