Beyond the Headlines: Is the diesel subsidy rationalisation working? KPDN answers [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: In the latest episode of Beyond the Headlines, we speak to Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Deputy Minister Fuziah Salleh to discuss the withdrawal of blanket diesel subsidies that has just come into effect.

Previously, experts said the inflationary impact will not be significant. But almost a week into the rationalisation policy that was announced on June 10, we have had reports of businesses hiking up prices of goods and services unfairly.

The show asks the deputy minister to address this and explain what steps have been taken to manage the issue.

We talk about the potential abuse of fleet cards and how the ministry plans to allay public fears of price gouging by errant traders.

Mechanisms by the government such as the Budi Madani scheme and fleet cards are supposed to help mitigate this.

But is it enough?

Is this rationalisation getting off to a good start or would it send prices spiralling up and out of control and burden consumers?

Fuziah sits down with host Hazween Hassan to answer all of this, giving more insight into the current situation.

Follow the full discussion in episode 42 of Beyond the Headlines.

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