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TikTok user's disgusting encounter sparks controversy over 'Special Ingredients'

KUALA LUMPUR: A TikTok user shared a repulsive experience when she discovered a lump of mucus in her food, prompting her to stop eating immediately.

The video intentionally shared to go viral, purposely omits the restaurant's name but provides a hint that it is located in Johor.

The TikTok user, identified as Fatin, confronted the waitress and sought an explanation for the presence of the unsightly mucus in her meal.

The waitress claimed it was an uncooked egg used in the carbonara sauce, dismissing Fatin's belief that it was phlegm and responding with laughter.

Although Fatin remained optimistic that it was an uncooked egg, she felt too squeamish to continue consuming her meal and left the restaurant.

In the comment section, netizens speculated that it could be "special ingredients" in Fatin's spaghetti.

The issue of special ingredients in food has recently drawn attention when a restaurant owner posted on Facebook, expressing a desire to serve these ingredients to a TikTok user who made food reviews content if he comes by his restaurant.

This happened when another TikTok user gave his restaurant a bad review prior to his posting.

The post garnered significant traction on Twitter when a screenshot of the Facebook post circulated, accompanied by an explanation of what the "special ingredients" actually entailed.

According to the explanation, the special ingredients allegedly included saliva, phlegm, nasal discharge, toenails, and earwax, among other unsavoury items, which were allegedly mixed into the food of fussy customers.

A netizen expressed scepticism: "Now tell me how can I believe this in a positive way?"

Another suggested a solution: "I would ask the waitress to eat the 'egg', something is amiss if the waitress refuses and makes excuses."

This incident has sparked anger among netizens, who condemn eateries for their irresponsible and dishonest treatment towards their customers.

The prevalence of the special ingredients in eateries has heightened concerns among the netizens, raising doubts about their dining experiences.

However, some netizens argued that Fatin might have exaggerated the issue, believing it was simply an uncooked egg and not the special ingredients alleged by others.

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