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Video of elderly woman living in decrepit house shocks netizens [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A series of short videos of an elderly woman living alone in a dilapidated house has tugged at the heartstrings of netizens.

The videos were shared by Nurhidaya Mahmud, who drove home the woman, who sells kerepek (snacks) for a living around town in Tawau, Sabah.

Upon arriving at her wooden house at Kinabutan Ria, Nurhidaya had asked the woman: "Do you live here alone, mak cik (aunty)? Who is inside (your house)?"

The woman replied saying she lived by herself and that there was no one inside.

As she swung her front door open, Nurhidaya was shocked at the decrepit condition of the home.

The zinc roof had deteriorated from rust and the cement floor on the house had cracked.

"Mak Cik, is this where you live? You live here alone? Where do you sleep?" she said while crying.

In her post, Nurhidaya wrote that she could not hold back her tears.

She said she hoped anyone who happened to pass by the area would send help and donate some necessities to the elderly lady.

Her videos, which were shared on Friday, had garnered thousands of comments and views, with many expressing their sympathies and offering to help.

On Saturday, Nurhidaya posted an update saying that many had sent her messages asking about how they could help the 'mak cik'.

"Those who want to help can go straight to Kinabutan Ria near the mosque," she added.

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