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Local food stall owner's encounter with demanding customer ignites debate online

KUALA LUMPUR: A recent incident involving a local food stall owner and a demanding customer has sparked a wave of reactions on social media.

Yayar B. Awang Noh, the owner of the food stall, took to Facebook to share his frustrating encounter with a customer known for being particular about his food.

"I've dealt with him many times before. He always insists on having hot dishes and hot gravy, and even asks me to heat up the food," he wrote in his Facebook post.

The incident occurred when the customer approached Yayar's stall and requested a meat dish. However, Yayar clarified that he only sold meatballs, not meat dishes.

"He examined the meatballs, took four pieces and then asked for the price. I told him it was RM2 for four pieces," Yayar said.

The customer then took an additional meatball, bringing the total to five pieces and inquired about the new price.

Yayar, who is also famously known on TikTok for his generous acts of giving free food to the elderly and children, informed the customer that the total would be RM2.50.

The customer, whose identity remains undisclosed, expressed his dissatisfaction and compared the price of the meatballs to those sold in MyTown.

"Wow, 50 sen each? That's so expensive. How much are they in MyTown? Their meatballs are also larger," he said.

Yayar responded, "Okay, so bring them to my stall. You initially asked for a meat dish, which is more expensive, but now you're complaining about the price of the meatballs (which is already cheap)."

The customer paid RM3.50 for the meatballs and rice before leaving.

As of now, the Facebook post has received over 10,600 likes and 1,300 comments.

"Some people are just too stingy when it comes to food. They want delicious food at ridiculously low prices. They should just go live in a cave," commented Facebook user Anis Hamdan.

"Next time, tell him to bring his own meatballs and only buy rice from you," suggested Eyda Sukiman.

Another user, Angah Riz, expressed sympathy for the customer, saying "Perhaps he doesn't have any money, or maybe he just wants to eat for free but feels too embarrassed to admit it. Stay patient, Yayar."

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