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#NSTviral: "Cancel Jason Leong" movement gains momentum on Twitter

KUALA LUMPUR: Local comedian Jason Leong is facing widespread criticism on social media for expressing his support for Jocelyn Chia's controversial video clip.

Leong now appears to be blocking angry reactions to his comments.

Checks by the New Straits Times on Twitter also revealed that a "Cancel Jason Leong" movement is being mobilised.

Chia, a Singapore-born stand-up comedian, is facing backlash from Malaysians after she made jokes about the disappearance of MH370 and belittled Malaysia's progress during a performance in the United States.

In response to Chia's video clip on Instagram, Leong commented, "I like this bit,". He even reposted it on his account, saying, "I love this bit."

Chia later responded to Leong, claiming that people are taking her jokes too seriously.

Yesterday, user @iwayana18 on Twitter said: "Hey Malaysians we need to cancel this Dr. Jason Leong. Cancel this unfunny guy."

Another user, @erwansays tweeted: "Cancel Jason Leong too. The funny thing is, the unfunny comedian supports another unfunny comedian."

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