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#NSTviral: Man finds 20,000 yen and a death insurance letter from a purchased pre-loved bag

KUALA LUMPUR: A man found 20,000 yen and a life insurance claim letter in a trolley bag that his mother bought at a store that sells pre-loved items from Japan.

In a tweet by @LukAhSeng_ which gathered 286,800 views, he shared several images of the items discovered inside the bag.

"Update. This is a life insurance claim letter. I suspect this bag belonged to a deceased person and he might have donated it somewhere because the letter stated "Died single and unmarried".

"There is a fan, a disposable underwear, a purse which contained the two 10,000 yen notes (RM662.19) and the letter.

Another Twitter user with the handle @AhmadRidzuan AG helped translate the letter which revealed that the insurance is paid to a person named Kaneko Takashi with a payout totaling 978,386 yen or RM32,387.

Before the discovery, netizens joked around with their wild guesses at what the letter may be with things such as an electricity bill, Nobita's (a character from the anime Doraemon) birth certificate, and a cursed item that can summon Ju-On.

Another user, @senoritasuri shared a similar experience of finding valuables: "A friend bought a purse at (the store) and discovered a fine 916 gold."

"Trust me, bro. More people will go to store after this. I usually go there to buy Ultraman (toy) for my child. Maybe will go rummage some bags after this. Hahaha," user @elizkhaliz jest.

"The staff will surely filter and check the bags before they restock the items after this," user @najihaaidit said.

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