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#NSTviral: Couple with 34-year age gap captures netizens' hearts [NSTTV]

KUALA LUMPUR: A TikTok video featuring a couple with a significant age gap has gone viral, leaving netizens amazed by their unique love story.

The user @mohammadamiinrokiahfamli shared their birthdates and the dates they met and got married, revealing a striking 34-year age difference resembling a mother and son.

The video, uploaded three days ago has already captivated 2.2 million viewers and garnered 48,800 likes, with 19,600 shares on TikTok.

Rokiah Samat, aged 62, and her 27-year-old husband, Mohammad Amin, tied the knot last year, surprising many with their unconventional union.

She, a mother of ten children, has 22 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

In her own words, Rokiah shared that her past relationships with those closer to her age and those younger, like her current husband, had convinced her to embrace the idea of remarriage.

Netizens have praised the couple, particularly Mohammad Amin, for wholeheartedly accepting Rokiah as his wife despite the significant age difference.

One netizen commented, "Fate and destiny are governed by Allah's rules, and love does not recognise age. We cannot question or deny Allah's decree, so let us remember that."

Others have also shared their stories of wide age gaps in their relationships, emphasising that love knows no boundaries and age is merely a number.

These netizens cherish their partners and continue to live as lovebirds.

"I am 32 years old, and my husband is 56 years old. Age doesn't matter as long as we're happy."

Another netizen commented, "If it's meant to be, then it's meant to be…like me, I'm 51 years old, and my husband is 36, a 15-year age difference."

The majority of netizens have expressed their support for this couple and offered prayers for their lasting happiness.

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