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#NSTviral: Netizens debate list of students 'dietary requirements' to hostel food operator

KUALA LUMPUR: A viral posting showing a list of students' 'dietary requirements' has sparked debate among netizens on food allergies.

While the specific date or learning institution involved could not be determined, a screenshot of the list had garnered netizens' attention on whether it was legitimate or merely the students being picky eaters.

In the screenshot of the post, the writer questioned why wasn't the school informed of issues surrounding allergies and related health conditions but instead had to rely on a handwritten list to the dining hall operator.

"Such is the attitude of boarding school students. Nothing (about allergies) was mention in the form but suddenly, at the dining hall they started to say that they are unable to eat certain food.

"What's weird is, someone even claimed that they can't eat fish with gravy. What's that about?"

Netizens were actively weighing in on the matter with Facebook user Mohammad Mohd saying that allergies should not be taken lightly as they could lead to life-threatening situations.

"Allergies (to certain foods) can cause anaphylactic reactions where it requires emergency treatment.

"I hope the canteen operators acknowledge this as many students are starting to get to know their body's capabilities."

Another Facebook user Mimi Min had questioned some of the 'dietary requirements' written by the students on the list.

"I understand those that can't eat seafood (due to their allergies), but I don't understand those who can't eat vegetables and other menu items.

"Parents wanting to send their kids to boarding school should train them to eat anything, except for food that is truly allergic to them."

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