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#NSTViral: TikToker mistakes owl for coconut; netizens now concerned for the bird

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian social media is now all abuzz, with netizens showing concern for an owl which one TikToker mistook for a coconut.

The video shared by TikTok user zaimuar on her account showed a lethargic owl which she initially thought was a coconut, as she had seen it under a coconut tree.

Zaimuar said she assumed that the owl was unwell due to its lack of energy.

"I found this (owl) under a coconut tree. I thought it was a coconut. This kid (owl) looked like it had a fever.

"The owl was no longer there when I went to check on it (later)... maybe it flew into the jungle," she replied to a netizen in the comment section

Netizens, however, had mixed reactions towards the video.

User syaqir indra said it was the owl's nature to be lethargic during day time, saying "Owls are active during night time only."

User BBBD83 expressed his concern towards the owl's well-being, writing "I think its neck is broken, it looks swollen."

"Please save the owl," said user Anak Manje.

"It wants to sleep, It is tired," said user 5 Ruz jokingly.

The video has garnered 5,573 likes and 263,300 views thus far.

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