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#NSTviral: Waze takes woman on road less travelled 'balik kampung' journey [WATCH]

She was on her way to Machang, Kelantan from Sungai Buloh, Selangor for the Hari Raya Aidiladha celebration on Thursday.

In the nine-second clip, she shared the unusual route that the navigation application took her.

"Btw (By the way), what kind of shortcut is this Waze?" she wrote.

The route took her right into the middle of a forest with a single lane dirt road.

There was a car in front, also following the same route as her.

User @rizuan1998 shared his similar encounter using the navigation application previously.

"I had a similar experience. But then, the car in front decided to stop, not wanting to lead the way. I had no choice but to lead the way, which took us to a pitch-dark hilly route."

Thankfully, he managed to find the way out, with over 10 cars following behind him.

User @ais.k0s0ng said the navigation application once showed him a shortcut route.

"But, I had to drive in the paddy fields. I'm driving a car, not a 'sampan (small boat)'."

Another user @zwramr said it was best to use the Google Maps application.

"Google Maps will direct you to the route that most vehicles will use. Waze on the other hand, prioritises alternative routes to avoid traffic congestion, hence this unfamiliar road (the one that the user shared in the video)."

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