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#NSTviral: Wedding vows exchanged in sign language warm netizens' hearts

KUALA LUMPUR: Wedding vows have a way of making people tear up, but the effect is increased when the vows are exchanged using sign language.

A video clip of a hearing-impaired groom in Kelantan using sign language during the wedding ceremony has warmed netizens' hearts.

The event was shared with the world through a heartwarming TikTok video posted by user @abesolution9911, a wedding photographer who expressed his awe at witnessing a disabled person's solemnisation for the first time.

The viral video has since garnered a staggering 7.1 million views and 614,300 likes, resonating deeply with viewers nationwide.

In the video, the groom, identified as Hakim, appeared intensely focused as he watched his mother serve as the sign language interpreter to translate the words spoken by the wali (legal guardian of the bride).

After the wali completed his declaration, Hakim then professed his vows.

Nervously, yet resolutely, he signed his part while his mother translated his gestures into spoken words through a microphone.

Many netizens who commented said that they knew the couple personally.

They also confirmed that both Hakim and his wife, known as Nuyu, are hearing-impaired, making the solemnisation ceremony even more special and touching.

Several netizens also expressed their happiness as they witnessed the unique solemnisation and flooded the comment section with heartfelt congratulations and warm wishes for the newly-wed couple.

Additionally, some also lightened the mood by commenting on the groom's amusing reaction after successfully professing his vow.

His unintentional side-eye to the kadi (the Islamic cleric officiating the ceremony) tickled netizens as it was seen as a humorous display of nervousness and anticipation.

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