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#NSTviral: Man gets called out for bringing puppy to self-service laundromat

KUALA LUMPUR: A young man was called out by a couple for bringing his pet dog to a self-service laundromat recently.

The one-minute 36-second viral video, posted on X by @nanmanjoi8715, was believed to have happened in Melaka. It showed the man loading his clothes into a washing machine while his dog was placed inside a bucket.

Another customer in the outlet then warned the man that he should not have brought his pet to a public area.

"How can you bring a dog here, you should have kept it inside your car or left it at home..."

The young man then defended his action claiming that he has seen other people doing the same thing in the past.

He also said that he could not leave his dog at home as there was no one there.

However, the customer appeared unsatisfied and insisted that dogs and pig were prohibited on such outlet.

"Cat yes, you can bring but not a dog... more so a pig," said the customer as he recorded the incident.

This later led to an argument between the two and another customer who was off camera.

The video has so far been viewed by close to 70,000 X users.

Netizens reacted that no pets, not even cats should be allowed to laundromats.

X user @siangboon said everyone should respect others' hygiene concerns.

"No pets or animals should (be) allowed into a laundry," he said.

Another netizen @CodyCodyKam said that the type of pet was not the issue.

"Pets are strictly not allowed in laundry," he said.

X user @farhaz98 said that animals entering a laundromat could lead to the spread of unwanted germs.

"Do not bring pets as it will cause the spread of germs to other people's clothes and (maybe) disease." he said.

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