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#NSTviral: A backpack with 'a pair of eyes' goes viral

KUALA LUMPUR: A peculiar looking backpack worn by a pillion rider caught the attention of another motorist who recorded a 22-second video of it.

The video shows two motorcyclists stopping at a stop-look-go light and her black LED backpack features a pair of blood-red eyes that twitch and stare in multiple directions.

The individual recording the video is also heard repeatedly saying: "This one (the black bag with the bright eyes) if seen in the middle of the night, could be really scary."

The video posted by Faiz Aziz on his Tik Tok, a day before yesterday has so far been viewed more than 70,000 times and commented over 4,000 times.

Sasha Rossa wrote: " Everything about the backpack is scary, the price, the eyes and later the entity that might also stop over is certainly scary."

Mawar Merah said: "If I were to see this while on the Gerik-Jeli road, wonder where I would be running off to."

Meanwhile, ADIRA said that she would be slightly apprehensive if she encountered the bag while travelling along a dark trunk road, as opposed to in an urban environment.

There were also comments from those who said that the LED backpack was easily available online if anyone was interested in getting it.

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