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#NSTviral: 'I want to go to school': An 8-year-old boy's last words before he dies due to brain tumour [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A mother recounts her 8-year-old son's agonising fight with brain tumour while remembering his persistent will to continue his schooling, touching the hearts of social media users.

A short video posted on X by @MALAYSIAVIRALLL featured footage taken by a mother throughout her son's chemotherapy journey in the hospital, where he focuses on his books in the hopes of continuing his schooling after treatment.

One of the captions read, "I remember one day before his surgery, he asked me to tell the doctor that he cannot stay in the hospital for a long time as he was worried he did not have enough time to study for a test at his religious school.'"

In the video, the mother also added a touching moment between her son and his teacher visiting him during his treatment in the hospital.

Alongside the teacher's comforting presence, he brought greeting cards handcrafted by his classmates, wishing him speedy recovery.

The act of kindness moved the mother and thanked the teacher and his students for giving her son a memorable gift.

The last caption of the video clip read, "Allah's heaven is right for you. You are the most perfect son I ever had. I hope you can experience school in the garden of heaven. Please, tell me how your school in heaven is when we meet each other again."

This video amassed over 525,000 views and social media users also shared their sympathy and stories, dealing with the loss of family members due to brain tumour.

User @mdrnsaa commented: "My late father also had a brain tumour. He was often sick but still wanted to work and read books. At one time when his eyes were getting blurry, he said he was bored because there were no books to read left."

Another user, @sabeena_min commented: "You are such an inspiration. May your family be strong enough to let you go. Take it easy there. It must be exciting playing with your friends in heaven."

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