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#NSTviral: Slithering serpent spotted in Section 17, PJ before being captured by firemen

PETALING JAYA: Residents living at Section 17 here were shocked when one of them spotted a giant python coolly slithering into a drain along Jalan 17/1, here yesterday.

A video of the python, approximately 9 feet or more in length was posted by a Tik toker, Adzurri and has since became viral among those living nearby.

The cameraman recording the python can be heard asking someone to call the fire and rescue department to capture the reptile.

The snake which was unusually big was also seen trying to shy away from the attention when it snuggled underneath a huge pile of rubbish.

It looked as if the snake was trying to hide from being spotted but unfortunately, firemen who arrived at the scene several minutes later, managed to catch and bag it successfully.

The video has so far been liked by almost 10,000 viewers and shared by nearly 2,000 netizens since it was uploaded yesterday.

The video post also received about 400 comments mainly trying to ascertain where the reptile could have come from.

@azkd.my wrote he wonders what the phyton has been eating that it grew unusually big, living in the centre of PJ.

He said he could understand its size if it was spotted in the jungle but not in a city.

Another netizen Lyzz Jeremiah said the snake may have come out of its usual routes due to the ongoing heatwave.

Hot weather might have coaxed it to relocate to a cooler place, she wrote.

Another user, _ said there was nothing to be surprised about the unusual size of the snake because sometimes reptiles are kept as pets.

When the owner cannot afford to take care of it, or it grows too big, people throw it in the gutter or on the side of the bush," she said.

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