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#NSTviral: Primary schoolgirl impresses with her self-taught command of English [WATCH]

KUALA LUMPUR: A video of an 8-year-old girl speaking English with an American accent to her teacher is making its rounds on social media because she credits her good command of English to watching YouTube and TikTok videos.

The video shows the primary two school girl, who says that her name is Hana, speaking to one of her teachers who is curious as to how she is able to speak English well.

She starts off by sharing about her family background.

"My mom works at Choco Albab, a company that makes chocolates, and my dad, Hisham Muhammad, works at my grandfather's shop.

"My name is Hana and I am from Dua Bahagia (Class)," she said.

When asked by her teacher about her ability to speak English so well compared with her classmates, Hana replied: "I think that some of my friends don't know how to speak very well, but some of my other friends know how to speak. I started to learn when I was 5-years-old because I watched the Internet more.

"I learnt it (English) from YouTube and TikTok. When I was little, I only knew Malay. Then one day, I just looked up random videos and saw a video that was in English. And then I started to listen... listen... listen. I started to learn the words.

"After I got into kindergarten, it was all about Malay (Bahasa Malaysia) only. But after I got into this school, Darjah Satu (standard one), it was very easy to make new friends because in my standard one class, Satu Aman, there were pupils of other races who were from all over the country and spoke English," she said.

The teacher then thanked Hana for sharing her experience and asked Hana to come back whenever she is free to show how she browses through the Internet and learnt to speak English.

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