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#NSTviral: 'Modern opah' wows Tik Tok audience with drone use to manage durian orchard

KUALA LUMPUR: A video of an elderly woman using a drone to manage her durian orchard has gone viral on social media.

"Do you see what I have in my hands? I am holding a drone. We are modern now," said the woman in the 30-second video posted on TikTok.

She explained that she uses the drone to inspect her orchard and manage data. In the video, she mentions that durian is in season and asks viewers what kind of durian they need.

"I have them all," she claims, referring to the 'Paduka', 'Kucing Tidur', and 'Kunyit' durian varieties.

She then invites viewers to visit the Perak Tengah district to buy durians from her orchard. In the comments, users expressed their astonishment and praised her.

"Opah (grandma) is really advanced. She is amazing indeed, using a drone to check on the durians," commented anaalias469.

"This opah has a youthful spirit. May all her affairs be made easy and her blessings be multiplied. Amen," wrote Onlymuzz_2.

"Keep going opah, you're amazing!" remarked azruller.

"You are awesome, opah," wrote Joe.

"I was stunned when opah spoke about data management," commented HeyMunn.

Other users, meanwhile, expressed their interest in the durians the woman had on offer.

"My friend wants to ask about the orchard you mentioned earlier. Can you tell me where exactly in Perak, opah?" asked a user in the comments section.

"Can I know your orchard's address, opah?" said Sharizan Sharif.

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