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#NSTviral: Unexpected halt: Roller coaster malfunction shocks theme park visitors

KUALA LUMPUR: A routine day of fun turned into an ordeal for visitors at a popular theme park here when a roller coaster malfunctioned, leaving passengers stranded on the ride.

In a video that has since gone viral, posted on TikTok by user @neja_eja, the roller coaster can be seen halted on the track, with passengers carefully descending the ride.

According to the user who recorded the scene, the incident occurred on June 16 at 6.22pm.

The theme park operator confirmed the incident and said that the motor was promptly replaced, ensuring the visitors' safety.

He explained that the ride would tend to get stuck at a specific section, as shown in the video, before it ascends higher.

"A staircase has been built on that part of the ride to assist riders when it malfunctions. It won't get stuck on other parts of the ride.

"In the video, the visitors were using the ladder, not walking down the track. They were guided by our staff and did not take matters into their own hands," he said.

The operator added that the theme park's maintenance team conducted routine inspections and tested the rides daily before opening hours.

The seven-second video garnered over 500,000 views, with netizens raising concerns about the theme park's safety and sharing their own experiences of getting stuck.

"Me and my siblings got back from the theme park at 5pm on that same day. Luckily, nothing like this happened even though we went on the roller coaster three or four times," shared user @lavenderlove.

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