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#NSTviral: RM12 buns with minimal jam filling irk customers in viral clip

KUALA LUMPUR: Imagine buying a bun expecting a generous spread of tasty jam, only to discover a speck of white cream inside instead.

This is the reality for many disappointed customers of a local bread vendor, recently exposed in a viral TikTok clip uploaded by user @alisssfd89.

The clip has garnered significant attention, revealing the stark contrast between the bun's enticing appearance and its disappointing reality.

"The vendor lied. It looks nice and can fool our eyes, but they can't fool our mouths," the user said.

To add insult to injury, a pack of these underwhelming buns costs RM12, leaving buyers feeling cheated.

The comments section became even more heated as social media users shared similar disappointing experiences, with some criticising the seller for their actions.

"I once bought a sandwich, salad, and found a little filling like that at the end," said @momo.

"I also once bought a box of doughnuts for RM15, took a bite and found a burger bun with a hole dipped in chocolate. I cursed for a year," said Hansx.

"There are also sellers like this, maybe they just want to do business this one time, won't do it again," commented another user.

As of press time, the video has garnered nearly 700,000 views with 34,000 likes on TikTok.

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