Note of loud 'lesung batu' noise at night sparks online debate

KUALA LUMPUR: Hearing loud noises late into the night can be nerve racking, especially when you are unable to pinpoint the source of the problem.

You assume it was your neighbour but you are not 100 per cent sure.

This was what happened to a strata house tenant who placed a notice outside his neighbour's home, reminding the person not to pound the lesung batu (mortar and pestle) late at night.

"Please respect other people's sleeping time.

"If it happens again, it will be recorded and a complaint will be lodged with the management," read the note.

The note was later posted by one Batrisyia Nasri, which was then shared on the social media.

The image garnered over 1,000 reactions and shared 60 times so far after it went up on the Orang Wangsa Maju Facebook page.

While many Netizens were amused by it, some took the chance to share tips on ways to reduce the noise when using the traditional kitchen utensil.

Facebook user Ali Mohd and Roselini Ismail suggested placing some old clothes under the lesung baru for padding.

"Was the pounding long? If it is just five or six minutes, I think it should be alright.

"But pad the item with thicker cloth so that it would not make a loud sound," she said.

The homeowner, Batrisyia, however, commented that the family did not own a 'lesung batu' as assumed by the irritarted neighbour.

"We have been reprimanded by a neighbour. Actually, we feel for them (for the noise they had to endure), but we don't have a 'lesung batu'. We do have a blender though... But we rarely cook."

The post immediately triggered a debate as Netizens started blaming paranormal activities as the cause of all the racket.

Facebook user, Putri Nor shared her experience: "If we always hear the pounding sounds from 'lesung batu', marbles, chairs being dragged around and such, this usually means the presence of paranormal entities. It is not the fault of the neighbour above or next door."

Netizen Nur Hidayah said she too had gone through similar "disturbance".

"Our unit is on the fifth floor (top unit). My mum told (the paranormal entities): "I have many children here. My life is tough. So, don't disturb me and my children'. Since then...silence," she said.

Another Facebook user, Sri Dahaga said she believed the paranormal entities were making the noises to instigate the residents so they would quarrel.

In a tongue-and-cheek comment, FB user Suhaimi Rahim said one should be grateful that the entities did not play the "lato-lato" toy.

"Lato-lato", also known as "clackers" in the United States, was a popular toy in the 1960s and 1970s. It has been banned by the US Food and Drug Administration due to the risk of injury to children.

The toy became a hit in Indonesia late last year, especially among schoolchildren.

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