'Panadol' in Rafizi's speech cures Anwar's headache

SHAH ALAM: In his winding-up speech at the 16th PKR national congress, here, today, PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim addressed the alleged "awkwardness" between him and his newly-minted deputy president Rafizi Ramli.

Following Rafizi's fiery winding-up speech, Anwar said he was glad to hear the former Pandan member of parliament's stance where the latter expressed his commitment towards strengthening the party.

"I was thinking earlier… 'Rafizi, please don't add more headache for me'. Luckily, he gave 'panadol' in his speech and so, all of my headaches are now gone.

"I don't keep anything inside and I'm not upset with him. I know he has good intentions. Problem is, sometimes we all have silly supporters who don't know what's really happening.

"Just because someone has a different opinion from us, doesn't mean that person is a traitor, liar or corrupt."

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