Anwar asked not to show favouritism or protect PH-DAP big wigs

KUALA LUMPUR: The new Unity Government has been asked to take appropriate action by prioritising on issues that concern the people and not be selective or practice favouritism.

Bersatu Information Chief Datuk Wan Saiful Wan Jan said that the government must now decide what must be prioritised for the people and not still practice the mentality of being the populist opposition.

Wan Saiful pointed out that at present the people were restless, disappointed, frustrated and angry because of various issues and problems which among others include the increasing price of eggs and cement.

"These two issues did not come to attention only yesterday. By right, this must be a priority for those who are part of the new government after the General Election (GE15).

"The people are facing the issue of shortage of eggs and prices that are going up. The price of food with eggs in it is also going up. For example, a news report revealed that the price of 'Roti Telur' has gone up from RM2.50 to RM3.20 which is an increase of RM0.70," he said in a post uploaded on Facebook earlier today.

Wan Saiful, who is the Tasek Gelugor Member of Parliament (MP), said that the price of cement has gone up by 30 per cent from RM17 for a 50 kilogramme (kg) bag to Rm22.50.

"If cement goes up in price, then all the building materials involving cement will also go up in price. When in actual fact cement is scheduled as controlled item that should not be going up in price," he said.

He also raised the issue concerning the monopoly and slick game of rich 'taukeys' who control the food and construction industries.

"The ones who are the victims are the people and the contractors, especially small time contractors. Eggs and cement, by right, should be the Prime Minister's priority as well.

"But Anwar (Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim) is prioritising on rice. Yes, the price of rice is important, but how come there is no idea as to how to resolve the issue surrounding the price of eggs and cement which is getting worse now?" he questioned.

He stressed that if there are too many populist 'shows' when in actuality it's just empty barrels or tins, then it will be a case of wrong priorities.

"Is there no desire to reprimand certain 'rich taukeys' in the industry regarding eggs and cement? By right this should be the government's priority.

"I agree that there should be no monopoly, but prioritise correctly and do not protect the 'Taukeys', Pakatan Harapan (PH) - DAP friends from being reprimanded. Do not be selective," he said.

He also wants the government to look into the price of fuel.

"Dear Pak Syeikh, I have not even asked about the price of fuel yet. Tomorrow how many times does Pak Syeikh need to bring the price of fuel down?" he asked.

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