No reason to harp on littoral combat ship scandal lah

IN this Merdeka month, why should I care about the LCS scandal?

Talking about it does not help me earn a living and pay the bills, after all. It does not make it easier or harder to raise a family.

No matter what I say or sing of the ships that exist only in the shadows, nothing will change significantly and swiftly.

In fact, if changes happen, they will move at a glacial pace. Perhaps if I lived a million years more, and Malaysia too, and the world is not consumed by another Ice age, I would notice the difference.

Right now, I still get to watch funny and foolish videos on TikTok, and Sandman on Netflix. I still have a shelter. I still get to eat three meals a day, for which I have to pay more. So, no worries.

Why should I be angry about the LCS scandal?

The repeat-offender woman, who steals chocolate drink to feed her children and cannot afford to get hotshot lawyers, is punished swiftly. Well done.

But the powerful 'Robin Hoods', who put their hands in the till and put on flight attendant smiles, are worshipped.

So what? Life belongs to the mighty. There's no point being indignant about it.

Why should I be shaken by the LCS scandal?

Does it intrude into my day-to-day life? No, it does not. "You don't disturb me, I don't disturb you". Remember the phrase?

Furthermore, my faith is founded on obedience to God. And this means I must be honest. But I can't speak for others. Let them make peace with their maker. Who am I to judge them?

Why should I be fearful about the LCS scandal?

What is there to be afraid of? That we will not have enough money for the nation.

Sure, a few billion may have been lost. But billions more are and will be available for the people.

And I am confident we will have enough good stewards in Putrajaya and elsewhere to ensure that thievery ends and public money flows only to the public.

Really, there's no need to be scared.

But thank you for reading this essay until the end.

I am glad if you are upset about the aforementioned responses. If you are not, it is I who would be upset.

You see, the views are not mine, but are of those who think the battle to right wrongs belongs to someone else.

That's sad and infuriating, and needs to change.

So in this Merdeka month, let's resolve to boot out the rascals amid us, the wolves in sheep clothing.

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