A silver lining for students during pandemic

LETTERS: Parents, students and teachers are following the school rotational system.

This has caused mixed feelings among them because this has never happened in our education system before.

But there is a silver lining.

Firstly, parents can train their children to manage their studies.

If they belong to the group that does not need to attend school, children should prepare a timetable at home to follow learning online and complete their tasks and homework.

This opens up opportunities for them to dig up more information on topics that interest them.

Secondly, teachers can manage a smaller group of students in the classroom and can offer immediate assistance to them without having to stay back after school to do extra coaching.

Malaysians have always dreamt of smaller classrooms, and now, the pandemic gives us this.

Students can ask questions and get them answered almost immediately.

Marking assignments and tasks may have also become easier for teachers.

Lastly, children who stay at home can do chores to help their parents.

We do not want to produce bookworms only but we want our children to be all-rounders who excel academically and in other aspects in life.

The pandemic has brought positive outcomes to our lives, even though it is deadly and worrisome in other aspects.


School of Education

Universiti Utara Malaysia

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