KTM should improve train frequency

LETTERS: On the first day of Hari Raya (May 2), I had to go to KL Sentral and decided to take the KTM Komuter from Seremban.

I searched on the KTM service website and there was no time schedule on the frequency of its rail service to KL Sentral from Seremban station.

When I called the KTM Komuter station to ask for its schedule, there was no response.

I went to the station at 12.20pm, and on the monitor screen I saw that the next train to KL Sentral was at 1.20pm.

This left me with a one-hour wait. KTM should update its website and have the latest time schedule for the Komuter service available so that people can plan.

The waiting time at the platforms could be reduced if the time schedules are displayed on the website.

When the train arrived at 1.20pm, the platform was filled with loads of people who had come in droves.

The train arrived on time and there were ample seats for everyone. I arrived at KL Sentral at 2.50pm. The service was commendable.

On my return trip back to Seremban from KL Sentral on May 4, I headed to Platform 6 and found to my dismay that the tv screens which displayed the time schedule of the train service, were not working. It was 5.30pm.

So, passengers were waiting aimlessly without knowing the time of arrival of the train to Seremban. On and off public announcements were made on train arrivals and departures to other destinations.

The KL Sentral platforms are strictly waiting areas with no rest rooms around. The nearest rest rooms are on the upper floor, about a 10 to 15 minute walk from the platforms.

I was in a dilemma on whether to go to the rest room or wait for the train.

I decided to wait for the train because if I missed this train, the next train would take an hour or more to arrive.

The train arrived at 6.20pm and I reached Seremban at 7.50pm.

Hopefully, KTM will look seriously into the frequency of the Komuter service between Seremban and KL Sentral.

A few years ago, the frequency of the Komuter service was about one train every 30 minutes.

Today, the Komuter service runs at a frequency of more than an hour apart.

I know that the south-bound line now ends at Pulau Sebang and Tampin. A few years ago, the south-bound line ended at Senawang and Sungai Gadut.

Please update the website for passengers' convenience.

Also, TV screens at the stations showing the time of arrival of Komuter trains should be in working condition.


Seremban, Negri Sembilan

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