Support residents' association for benefit of all

LETTERS: I attended my residents' association's annual general meeting recently, and felt disheartened to listen to the chairman lamenting the dearth in the number of members.

Out of about 700 families in the area, the membership count was slightly more than a hundred.

When a recruitment drive was carried out, with flyers being sent to houses, the response was lukewarm.

The committee members have even gone house-to-house to encourage residents to become members. What they got was the cold shoulder.

Some were rather rude, to the extent of peppering them with a barrage of questions.

It was disappointing to hear about the treatment that these committee members have to put up with, when they are performing a service for society.

I, too, have told a friend to enrol as a member. And, the first thing he asked was, what could he get out of it? Being self-centred will lead no one anywhere.

The objective of the association is to look into the grievances of the residents so that the welfare of the community is taken care of.

It's unfair to reap the benefits of the hardwork of the association but remain as non-members. It's a social obligation to contribute to the wellbeing of all.

The community can strive for the best only when all residents cooperate and support the association.

The annual subscription is a nominal sum and should not be an issue.

The association needs the funds to achieve its goals. A sound footing is needed to work for the good of residents.

I am sure other residents' associations have similar problems.

The mindset of the residents needs to be changed so that the community will get to pool their resources and reap the fruits of their labour fairly.


Klang, Selangor

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