MAS stewardess' kebaya outfit isn't revealing

LETTERS: Having been a frequent traveller on Malaysia Airlines, I would like to say that the carrier's stewardess uniform, the kebaya, should be maintained as it is modest enough.

Should there be plans to add a twist to the uniform, change the colour, by all means, but the design of the kebaya should be maintained.

The kebaya is iconic and synonymous with Malaysia Airlines' brand and 'the' Malaysia Airlines' stewardess.

It has been the uniform of the airline's stewardess since Malaysian Airlines System started operations on Oct 1, 1972.

The kebaya was introduced in the late 1960s during the days of the then Malaysia-Singapore Airlines.

After the split, Singapore Airlines (SIA) and MAS were formed with each having its own uniform and network.

SIA and MAS saw the beauty and elegance of the kebaya and kept it as the uniform for stewardesses.

The choice of design and colour of the uniform should be left to the management.

If the current kebaya was not designed modestly, MAB would not have approved it.

The question of whether the safety of air travel could be assured due to the revealing attire should not arise.

Having worked with the civil aviation industry in the Asia Pacific, and to a certain extent Europe and the United States, for 31 years, I would like to say that air travel is safer than any other mode of transport.

The uniform of a stewardess has not been the cause of any untoward incident on a flight.

Look at stewardesses in their elegant uniform. Let's not have negative thoughts of the uniform.

To those who think the uniform is revealing, look the other way.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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