Zii Jia and his former coach, Indra, given seven days to settle dispute

KUALA LUMPUR: Following a mediation meeting yesterday, Team Lee Zii Jia (LZJ) and Indonesian coach, Indra Wijaya, have been given seven days to find a settlement for an alleged "unfair dismissal" case.

Failure to do so will result in the matter being referred to the Industrial Court of Malaysia for a full hearing.

In an exclusive interview with Timesport, Indra's lawyer, Muhammad Yazid Mohamad Salim, confirmed that Team LZJ, represented by Zii Jia's father, Lee Chee Hin, Zii Jia's uncle, and lawyer Brian Song had met with his client at the Industrial Relations Department (JPP) here yesterday. Yazid's partner from Messrs Wan Ahmad Ridzuan & Co, Ahmad Nabilimran Ahmad Halimi, was also present at the meeting.

"JPP officer, Nor Asyrin Baharudin, who acted as mediator, had heard from both parties.

"We, lawyers, had to wait outside because the session was limited to the parties only.

"She has given them seven days to come up with a settlement or reply (if any).

"Failure to do so will result in the matter being referred for full hearing before a judge at the Industrial Court of Malaysia." said Yazid.

Earlier, Timesport had reported that Indra, who joined Team LZJ last year, would take legal action against his former trainee for an alleged breach of contract.

Zii Jia's sister, Lee Zii Yii, who is also the manager of the world No 4 men's singles, later confirmed that Team LZJ had received a legal letter from Indra, and the matter was being looked into by their lawyers.

Indra, a former singles coach with the Badminton Association of Malaysia, left the national setup last February to join Team LZJ.

According to the 48-year-old coach, he had signed a contract with former All England champion Zii Jia which runs until 2024. However, in November last year, Indra was prematurely dropped from the team. It is understood that if no settlement is reached, Zii Jia could be staring at a lawsuit worth 24 months of Indra's salary in lieu.

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