Sub-14 second timing continues to elude Rizzua

KUALA LUMPUR: It was a bittersweet moment for Rizzua Haizad as he clocked a new personal best en route to winning the men's 110m hurdles at the Federal Territory All Comers Athletic Championships in Bukit Jalil today.

The Sarawakian won in 14.05 seconds at the National Sports Complex training track, bettering his previous personal best of 14.11s which he achieved at the Perak All Comers in Ipoh last month.

Perak's Hilmi Zakuwan settled for silver on 14.74s while Elvin Yap Zhi Zian of Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) took the bronze (15.45s).

However, Rizzua admitted that he was not satisfied with his performance.

"My aim was to dip under 14 seconds. I have been a national hurdler since 2017 but I have still been unable to achieve it," said Rizzua.

"I also failed to qualify for the Phnom Penh Sea Games."

The 22-year-old added that he is hoping to take another crack at going sub-14s at the Institutions of Higher Education games in May.

Youngster Pengiran Aidil Auf Hajam (Sabah) won the men's 200m in 21.58s, finishing ahead of Idham Rosli (Wipers) who clocked 21.95s. Sarawak's Nur Rahman settled for bronze on 22.40s.

Pengiran, 17, said he is determined to keep lowering his times.

"I ran as fast as I could but only managed 21.58s which was not good enough for me to dip under the qualifying mark of 21.38s for the Under-20 Asian Junior Championships in Yecheon, South Korea in July.

"I will be competing at the Under-18 Asian Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan next month and I hope to be able to achieve it (21.38s) there."

Sukma champion Nur Afrina Batrisya (MAF) emerged victorious in the women's 200m in which she clocked 24.84s.



200m: 1. Pengiran Aidil Auf Hajam (Sab) 21.58s, Idham Rosli (Wipers) 21.95s, 3. Alivine Jostine (Swk) 22.44s.

400m: 1. Aidil Azhar Azrul (SSTMI) 48.73s, 2. Ammar Aiman Nor Azmi (MSN Para) 49.97s, 3. Ahmad Amir Aiman Kamar (Per) 50.37s

110m hurdles: 1. Rizzua Haizad (Swk) 14.05s, 2. Hilmi Zakuwan (Prk) 14.74s, 3. Elvin Yap Zhi Zian (BJSS) 15.45s.

1500m: 1. M. Sanjay (Kul) 4:06.01s, 2. Daren James Nair (Sel) 4:09.22s, 3. B. Ruveshwaran (Pen) 4:19.36s.

3000m steeplechase: 1. Ahmad Luth Hamizan (Nse) 9:56.98s, 2. G. Mathan Raj (SSTMI) 10:34.33s, 3. Faris Khuzarie Faizal (Sab) 10:59.89s.

5000m: 1. R. Thevan (Nse) 15:36.49s, 2. G. Vimal (Kul) 15:38.86s, 3. B. Ruveshwaran (Pen) 16:40.46s.

10000m: 1. Ahmad Sayuti Abu Khuzafah (Beecity Athletic) 35:34.89s, 2. Abdul Quzaimi Kis Dinuma (Ter) 35:46.78s, 3. Goliath Valeron Sili (Sab) 35:58.74s.

Discus: 1. Muhammad Hafizin (Quantum) 42.79m, 2. Haoq Shaari (Per) 33.74m, 3. Firdaus Markum (SSTMI) 29.56m

High jump: 1. Farrel Glenn Felix Jurus (Sab) 2.10m, 2. Eizlan Dahalan (Sab) 2.06m, 3. Kuan Jyh Yunn (Per) 1.96m.

Triple jump: 1. Andre Anura Anuar (MAF) 15.88m, 2. Izzul Haniff Raffi (Sel) 15.48m, 3. Brendon Ting (Swk) 15.38m.


200m: 1. Nur Afrina Batrisya (MAF) 24.84s, 2. Nurul Wardatul Hamka (Swk) 25.99s, 3. Ormilla Octavia Codday Nyadau (Swk) 26.04s.

400m: 1. Chelsea Cassiopea Evali (Sab) 55.69s, 2. Nurul Faizah Asma Mazlan (Beecity Athletics) 56.91s, 3. Nurul Aliah Maisarah Nor (SSTMI) 58.14s.

100m hurdles: 1. Emma Hill Yu Wei Ling (Swk) 14.62s, 2. Juriani Mat Rodzi (Prk) 14.70s, 3. Kerstin Ong (Beecity Athletics) 14.74s.

1500m: 1. C. Taarini (SSTMI) 5:12.55s, 2. Chin Xin Yi (Tunku Ja'afar College) 5:12.90s, 3. B. Ramiyah (Sel) 5:21.22s.

3000m steeplechase: 1. Sherina Sofea Shahariman (Team IAC) 15:08.10s, 2. Halimatul Sa'diah Aina (Per) 15:49.03s, 3. Khor Xiao En (Kul) 16:22.01s.

10,000m: 1. Loh Chooni Fern (Kul) 39:42.29s (only one athlete).

Discus: 1. Queenie Ting (Forces) 49.06m, 2. Nur Atiqah Sufiah (Joh) 43.07m, 3. Yap Jeng Tzan (Nse) 42.97s.

High jump: 1. Ngu Jia Xin (Per) 1.71m, 2. Yap Sean Yee (Wipers) 1.70m, 3. Chloe Ch'ng Qin Yan (Pen) 1.60m.

Triple jump: 1. Nurul Asikin Abas (MAF) 12.82m, 2. Dayang Shari Uluk (Sab) 11.02m, 3. Tan Yan Yee (Kul) 10.50m.

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