Food delivery riders share the best local eats

FOR most Malaysians, ordering food has become a normal daily affair.

While everyone has his or her favourite place to order from, there's a group of people with insider knowledge on the best (sometimes lesser-known) restaurants in town – food delivery riders.

With the surge in food deliveries, riders have been the unsung heroes who brave the streets every day so we can enjoy our meals in the comfort of our own homes. 

Having picked up all kinds of orders from various restaurants and delivering them to hungry Malaysians, they probably know the best kind of food to recommend!

Fiona Chong, a Grab driver partner who has been making deliveries since the Movement Control Order, spilled her favourite eats. 

"When I'm craving something hearty, I go for Nam Heong Chicken Rice. They serve Hainanese Chicken Rice made with kampung chicken that they poach every morning. The flesh is tender, juicy and succulent, it goes so well with the aromatic rice," the 66-year-old shared.

"The flavours of the dish are very reminiscent of the good old days for me, and it's amazing how they've managed to retain its taste over the years. There's nothing more comforting than a warm plate of chicken rice to fill your belly."

Besides Nam Heong Chicken Rice, Chong also enjoys ordering food from KGB. 

She confessed that her favourite burger from KGB, which stands for Killer Gourmet Burgers, is The Shack.

While it may look like a basic cheeseburger to the unsuspecting, this dish packs a flavourful punch.

Complete with a smashed patty, sharp cheddar cheese and topped with a zesty sauce, Chong admits that pairing this burger with their signature wedges make for a hearty and satisfying meal.

Afiqah Ariffin, another Grab delivery partner, said that she frequently orders food from Bumbu Cabe, a local Indonesian Sundanese restaurant, to satisfy her cravings.

"They have different types of sambal that go so well with a steaming plate of rice and ulam. You'll find a host of different flavours there, from tangy and spicy, to sweet and salty," Afiqah enthused.

"It's truly delicious!"

Besides that, Afiqah also enjoys ordering some banana fritters from Pisang Goreng Tok Baba for tea.

"You can't go wrong with some cekodok and crispy pisang goreng when it's teatime," she said. "What I really like about pisang goreng is the difference in textures - crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. I'd say it's my favourite snack of all time."


In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Grab Malaysia released a catchy music video to celebrate the variety of Malaysian dishes that make up the local cuisine scene.

Aptly titled Malaysia's Greatest Makan Hits, the lyrics consist of GrabFood's merchant partners who have provided delicious meals for the rakyat who have been staying at home.

Featuring various stop motion graphics and animations, one scene depicts a cook steaming some Lego kuih lapis, an ode to the ubiquitous Malaysian favourite.

Sung by the likes of Sachie Amira and Lil Asian Thiccie, Grab Malaysia collaborated with a wide variety of local talents for the video production. 

Some household names like Graph Studio, Gurafu Post and Wavefarer Audio were also included in the making of this music video. 

Watch the full video here:

For more information about Grab Signatures, please visit this website.

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