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Pikom deputy chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) targets to reach RM300 million in gross merchandise value (GMV) within the five-day period of #MYCYBERSALE 2017, its online sale from October 9 to 13.

The fourth edition of #MYCYBERSALE 2017 covers everything from electronic gadgets to groceries with about 1,000 e-retailers participating nationwide.

This year’s #MYCYBERSALE will see MDEC partners with the National ICT Association of Malaysia (Pikom), which has been given the mandate to lead the biggest annual online sale this year.

Pikom deputy chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah said ShopBack Malaysia’s users were the type of user profile that #MYCYBERSALE aimed to target. They consist of savvy individuals who use ShopBack’s cashback platform to make smarter purchasing decisions, ranging from essentials like transportation to indulgences like wellness packages, from the extensive list of e-retailers they collaborate with.

“The insights from this survey are helpful for us to form a holistic approach to our target market, and eventually deliver a bigger and better #MYCYBERSALE 2017,” he said

ShopBack will be joining #MYCYBERSALE 2017 as the official cashback partner, and has been appointed as a member to the Pikom E-Commerce Malaysia marketing committee, given its experience and insights on online shoppers’ purchasing behaviour.

More details of #MYCYBERSALE 2017 will be unveiled by PIKOM and participating e-retailers prior to October 9.

ShopBack will work with around 20 popular e-retailers, including Lazada, 11street, Qoo10,, Hermo, Expedia, Taobao and Coursera, to offer as much as 40 per cent cashback on top of up to 97 per cent discounts via ShopBack Malaysia’s website and mobile app.

Shopback said about RM400,000 Cashback is estimated to be given to Malaysians this year.

To find out the expectation of Malaysian shoppers for this year’s #MYCYBERSALE, ShopBack Malaysia conducted a survey and collected 3,892 responses .

The survey revealed that out of 3,892 responses, 77.8 per cent know about #MYCYBERSALE, while 44.8 per cent shopped in the past #MYCYBERSALE, and one-third of the respondents have heard about the event but had yet to make a purchase.

The survey also showed that 62 per cent of the respondents confirmed their interest, while 36.7 per cent indicated that they may make a purchase during this year’s #MYCYBERSALE.

Only 1.3 per cent said they would not do so.

ShopBack Malaysia country general manager Alvin Gill said the survey was a positive sign given that there were limited sales information revealed by e-retailers at this point of time.

“It is highly possible that the success of past #MYCYBERSALE events led to the high interest this year, and potentially, those who missed the previous version are going to join the purchasing crowd from October 9 to 13,” he said.

Most of the shoppers indicated a price slash of more than 50 per cent would attract them the most, followed by promotional or discount codes and free shipping.

In addition, 60 per cent of respondents shop via both desktop and mobile, while 21 per cent only use mobile devices and 19 per cent only use desktop as it provides a better view (larger screen) as well as a quicker research process.

Close to 55 per cent of respondents referred to Facebook and Google search as their main information source for #MYCYBERSALE 2017.

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