Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (middle on stage) addressing public queries on Sales and Services Tax in Penang. NSTP photo by SHAHNAZ FAZLIE SHAHRIZAL

KUALA LUMPUR: Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng has today disclosed more items exempted from Sales and Services Tax (SST).

In a statement today, Lim said the government had extended SST exemptions for mobile prepaid services provided to Malaysians, peanuts, imported completely knocked down components for locally-assembled vehicles, salted, dried and preserved fish, and seafood under the crustacean and mollusc HS (Harmonised System) code.

Also exempted are pewter items, plastic bags used to pack rice, cigarettes and tobacco products for restaurant sale, rental of small stalls on restaurant compounds, as well as ships, ferries and boats.

Lim said the government had also lowered the sales tax rate from 10 per cent to five per cent for cosmetic products, beauty and skincare products, mobile phone accessories, watches, retreaded tyres, new tyres and inner tubes for motorcycles.

Additional leniency was also given by excluding revenue from cigarette sales, tissue paper and small stall rental from the calculation of restaurant and coffee shop SST threshold value.

Lim said the Finance Ministry and Customs Department had decided to exempt more goods from the SST as well as review sales tax rates on select goods following feedback and appeals.

“The government hopes the modifications will enhance the people's well-being in line with the aspirations of the Pakatan Harapan government,” the minister added.

Lim and his team have todate held 16 briefing-cum-question and answer sessions on the SST nationwide.

More than 13,000 participants from various sectors of the business community had given their feedback to the government.