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SAP Malaysia managing director Duncan Williamson believes that purpose-driven enterprises drive business results, optimise employee engagement and fuel positive impact on the world.

KUALA LUMPUR: Businesses today must be able to attract, develop, and retain the best people, which in turn is about tapping into full potential and connecting to the company’s purpose and mission.

SAP Malaysia managing director Duncan Williamson said the workforce of today expect a different experience at work.

"When it comes to technology, they expect to work like they live, intuitively, in the moment and real time,” he said, adding that there is constant pressure on businesses of all sizes to rely on their people and their agility to thrive and transform digitally.

To this, Duncan said SAP SuccessFactors, a world renowned complete, cloud-based HR system, realises and fulfills all of these objectives.

“Our human capital management (HCM) solutions integrates various functions such as onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (LMS), performance management, recruiting software, applicant tracking software, succession planning, talent management and HR analytics,” he said.

“This often results in better business strategy alignment, while also maximising people performance,” he added.

Here in Malaysia, amongst various enterprises which had adopted SAP SuccessFactors is Top Glove Corporation Bhd, the world’s largest manufacturer of gloves.

Earlier this year, Top Glove had engaged Deloitte to implement SAP SuccessFactors to transform its HCM platform, thereby strengthening its people processes to attract and on-board the right talent, bringing it closer to its vision of capturing 30 percent of the world market by 2020.

Top Glove’s transformation of its HCM platform is aligned to its future growth aspirations, as it provides visibility of their talent bench and workforce capabilities.

According to Duncan, when companies transform their HCM practices, connect their people to corporate purpose, and focus on the overall well-being of the workforce, they can respond to challenges with agility—and united by a common identity and mission.

“By delivering experiences that benefit employees, it is inevitable that better results would often be achieved,” said Duncan.

“SAP SuccessFactors is a core part of delivering on this vision and purpose within SAP itself and for our customers.”

“Our promise to all of our employees and customers is that we’re innovating every single day to help connect people to company purpose. This is because purpose drives people and people drive business results,” he added.

He said in addition to driving business results and optimising employee engagement, purpose-driven enterprises fuel positive impact on the world as well – growing economies, lifting up societies, and improving our environment.

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