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PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd chief executive officer, Hazlee Jehan says the company is committed to serve as one of the designated centres for rotary-winged simulator training. It is also keen to expand its services as a leading multi-platform service provider in the region. NST file picture.

PWN Excellence Sdn Bhd aims to meet the growing need for Leonardo Helicopters' rotary-winged simulator training in the Asia-Pacific region.

Its chief executive officer, Hazlee Jehan, said PWN had established a strong relationship with Leonardo Helicopters Training Academy since it began operations of its Subang facility in April 2013.

“Leonardo Helicopters is an important partner and main client. Together, we've developed a day-by-day business plan in promoting AW139 training services for Leonardo's fleet in the region,” he told the New Straits Times recently.

PWN became Leonardo Helicopters SpA's, previously known as AgustaWestland, Authorised Synthetic Training Centre for AW139 in 2012.

The company is the first simulator operator in Malaysia and in the region to have an AW139 Full Flight Simulator 'Level D' rating certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia and the European Aviation Safety Agency as a provider of synthetic training services.

“It is an achievement for a Malaysian company to be the first in the region to operate such a facility. Our employees are 100 per cent Malaysians, with more than 70 per cent having a background in aviation-specific technical skill sets.”

Hazlee said the training facility was carefully designed and able to create a streamlined, accurate experience of actual missions for pilots at every level of instruction, while complying with international, industry-standard training procedures.

“We have highly-skilled trainers with the highest international standards in aviation.

“PWN is committed to serving the role as one of the designated centres for rotary-winged simulator training to meet the growing need in the region.”

It is located at the Malaysia International Aerospace Centre in Subang.

He said there was a need for a state-of-the-art simulator training facility in the country, especially for new-generation helicopters, as previously, many pilots had to be sent to Italy to undergo simulator training.

“This means incurring high costs for many helicopter operators. Pilots will have to be relieved from operations for extended periods.

“In early 2010, Malaysia had the most number of AW139 helicopters in the region. Flight simulator training devices are great tools to significantly improve the capability of flight crews and enhance operational safety while improving efficiencies.

“Simulators allow us to extend the training scope and enable us to set up and practice difficult manoeuvres. It's very cost-effective,” he said.

PWN has delivered training solutions to more than 3,800 pilots, with the continuous support of Leonardo Helicopters' AgustaWestland Training Academy Malaysia.

“PWN aims to be the first multi-platform service provider in Malaysia. This means we will provide the simulator bays, facilities, maintenance and talent to any rotary- or fixed-wing OEM simulators that wish to expand their market reach to clients in Malaysia and the region,” he said.

Hazlee said PWN expected to operate its new training facility at the Subang Aerotech Park next year. The new complex will also be developed in stages, with the initial plan calling for five simulator bays, but with a full capacity of 10 bays.

“The Selangor government has identified PWN and its development as 'strategic projects' that will be emphasised in the Subang Aerotech Park,” he said.

Hazlee said PWN's new development was strategically located, close to AgustaWestland Training Academy Malaysia, and within the vicinity of Subang Skypark.

PWN was open to working with international strategic partners in the aviation industry in the future who were looking for a reliable and professional company with strong credentials in providing simulator training solutions.

“PWN will still be in control of the financial and overall operations while the potential partners will focus their expertise on the technical know-how. This is also in line with our vision to be a leading multi-platform service provider in the region,” he said.

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