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HPB executive vice president Salmi Nadia Mohd Hilmey and chief executive officer of PT Kirana Investama Nusantara Erick Firmansyah Muftie signing the MoU and witnessed by HPB president and executive deputy chairman Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib, Desa Emas Movement chairman Dr Aries Muftie and other digitaries.

KUALA LUMPUR: HeiTech Padu Bhd (HPB) has strengthened its presence in Indonesia with the establishment of PT Desa Tech Nusantara to provide a shariah compliance cooperative Baitulmal Wat Tamwil (BMT) system, ready to be deployed to the Indonesia’s cooperative sector.

PT Desa Tech Nusantara, a 49:51 joint venture (JV) company between HeiTech and PT Kirana Investama Nusantara respectively is aimed on developing and deployment of BMT system to be used by cooperatives in

Indonesia as a platform to support Indonesia’s national programme called Gerakan Desa Emas (GDE).

GDE is aimed to help drive domestic economic growth and expedite the development of the halal industry and Islamic financial institutions especially for Indonesia’s rural economy sustainability.

HPB executive vice president Salmi Nadia Mohd Hilmey said the JV project holds huge potential to serve all cooperative members and the unbanked across Indonesia with multiple transactional items offered by the


"HPB is poised for growth ready to serve GDE which is a programme aimed at stimulating economic growth of 74,754 villages across Indonesia," she said in a recent statement.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) signing ceremony was held to formalise the collaboration in conjunction with Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival on 12-16

November at the Jakarta Convention Center.

Salmi, on behalf of HPB signed the MoU with PT Kirana Investama Nusantara chief executive officer Erick Firmansyah Muftie and witnessed by HPB president and executive deputy chairman Dato’ Sri Mohd Hilmey Mohd

Taib Desa Emas Movement chairman Dr Aries Muftie.

In this GDE programme, each village will be empowered with the will to generate its economy, create jobs, create trade with a systematic platform and has to be shariah compliant.

Hence, BMT will help cooperatives in Indonesia to conduct business and transaction for commercial and business purpose.

HPB's roles are system and application development, provision of subject matter expert, project management and deployment team.

"This is not the first time HPB makes its way to Indonesia market as it has invested previously in PT Intercity Kerlipan and also had several initiatives carried out such as the e-KTP and data centres," Salmi said.

BMT is a single scalable system in the cooperative ecosystem and has the potential to grow exponentially as the cooperative is another economic path that serve the rural and unbanked.

Indonesia stands at the top of the Asia Pacific region in terms of unbanked population, as three-quarters of its 250 million people are still outside of conventional financial systems and without the technology to access basic financial services.

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