RTD officers inspecting a lorry near the Dengkil R&R station. Pic by Sairien Nafis

NEXT time you forget to renew your road tax before heading back to your hometown, rest assured as you can have it done during the journey, provided you are driving through the Dengkil R&R.

The Road Transport Department (RTD) has opened its pioneer RTD station at the Dengkil R&R (heading south).

The new station will enable highway users to renew their driving licence and road tax, check and pay summonses, as well as make reports on traffic wrongdoings.

RTD director general Datuk Seri Shaharuddin Khalid said the new station was set up with the help of PLUS Malaysia Bhd.

He added that the launch of the station would enable RTD officers to be stationed permanently in the area and do scheduled patrols.

Shaharuddin said the RTD station will be the enforcement centre on the highway for the central zone, and the department planned to open two more stations in the northern and southern zones soon.

“With the establishment of this station, road users can make reports on wrongdoings, renew driving licenses and road tax as well as check and pay summonses,” he said.


Meanwhile, Bernama reported that there has been a marked reduction in fatal car accidents last year.

Although 6,740 people were killed in traffic accidents in Malaysia last year, in 2016, this figure was significantly higher, at 7,152.

Bernama quoted Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Ting Lai as saying that last year’s road accident fatality index for every 10,000 registered vehicles was 2.34, compared with 2.59 in 2016.

Liow said he intended to reduce the road accident death index for every 10,000 registered vehicles to 2.0 this year.

Motorcyclists still form the bulk of fatalities, with 4,348 killed last year.

Liow added that the Automated Awareness Safety System (AWAS) was a success, with the authorities recording a 95 per cent rate of compliance with speed limits since it was implemented.

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