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Volvo Car Malaysia managing director Lennart Stegland (R) and MyMotor chief executive officer Justin Cheah after the signing ceremony.

VOLVO Car Malaysia has signed a service agreement with MyMotor (MYEG Fintech) to introduce Volvo Car Leasing.

It is a service that will let customers enjoy stress-free Volvo ownership, minus the usual financial strain of a hire-purchase agreement.

Volvo Car Malaysia managing director Lennart Stegland and MyMotor chief executive officer Justin Cheah signed the agreement during a closed-door signing ceremony recently.

Volvo Car Leasing, a first for Volvo Cars in Southeast Asia, offers customers the opportunity to drive a Volvo car, worry-free, with the insurance, road tax, maintenance cost and warranty covered.

At the end of the leasing agreement, customers can either choose a new model to drive home, buy the car at market rate or simply return it to the dealership.

“Our company philosophy is centred around people, their needs and what they care about. Now with Volvo Car Leasing, our customers are able to choose an appropriate model based on their current needs and station in life and change it when the need arises,” said Stegland in a statement.

The programme will be available at all participating dealerships nationwide and for all Volvo models sold in Malaysia.

Customers can drive home a new Volvo from as low as RM2,762 per month, which is inclusive of a comprehensive insurance package, road tax and maintenance cost.

“Every Volvo leased under this programme comes complete with our Volvo Service Agreement Plus (VSA+), which covers a list of service actions including a wide range of wear and tear items, giving the customers peace of mind when it comes to his or her Volvo ownership experience,” said Stegland.

Volvo Car Leasing also allows customers greater financial flexibility compared to a typical hire-purchase agreement, freeing up valuable credit to purchase other assets on top of not having to worry about incidentals related to car ownership.

“Based on our calculation, a customer could potentially save more with this leasing programme when compared to a hire-purchase agreement,” said Cheah.

“At the end of the lease, the customer could renew the agreement and drive home a brand-new unit of the same model or opt to upgrade his lease agreement with a different model.

“In comparison to a traditional hire-purchase agreement, Volvo Car Leasing encompasses most of the cost involved with car ownership. This convenience should also prove to be very appealing to company or fleet purchasers,” he added.

Cheah said with Volvo Car Leasing, customer would not have to concern about disposing of or selling the car at the end of the agreement period.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the launch, all models will be offered at a promotional rate until August 31.

Volvo Car Leasing will also be offering free petrol vouchers worth RM300 for all bookings received within this promotional period.

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