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AN extraordinary student, Melvin Siew Jen Fung received the Vice-Chancellor’s Subject Award for Computing, the Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship and the Exceptional Award at the Foundation in Arts (FIA) and Foundation in Science and Technology (FIST) graduation ceremony in March this year.

“I feel happy that my efforts have been acknowledged. I was surprised to learn that I got those awards. I am grateful to my parents, lecturers and friends who helped me get this far,” said Melvin.

The former student of SMK Seri Hartamas Kuala Lumpur chose to do the FIA at Sunway College due to the prospect of pursuing a degree at Sunway University.

Melvin, 19, who is a recipient of the Sunway Special Scholarship, enjoyed a broad scope of subjects and hands-on learning.

Being a visually challenged student, Melvin had difficulty using physical material due to small print, but he overcame those obstacles.

He was also required to participate in group projects and was given the opportunity to be a group leader during his studies.

“Most assignments were done in groups. I often either volunteered to be the group leader or was selected as one. In a project for programming, we had to create a mock app. We had to plan ahead on what we intended to do, delegate and then compile the work.

“I gave deadlines to my group members for completing specific parts to allow ample time for compiling and revising as well as delegating the work based on strengths and weaknesses,” he said.

Melvin Siew Jen Fung

Melvin, however, said problems normally arose with communication issues.

“As such, I requested constant status updates from my group members and encouraged them to share any issues faced with the group. I had to be independent to ensure my teammates can do their part without interruption.”

He is currently pursuing the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science with the Jeffrey Cheah Continuing Scholarship at Sunway University.

He cites his father as someone he looks up to.

“He always supports me and tries his best to help me while ensuring I remain as independent as possible.”

Melvin also gave his advice to future FIA students.

“If you try your best, you are certain to succeed in one way or another. No one is a failure. Everyone is good at something. And the FIA can help you find that,” he said.

The Foundation in Arts and Foundation in Science and Technology are Sunway College’s homegrown programmes.

They are direct pathways to undergraduate programmes at Sunway University.

Students from FIA at Sunway College who have furthered their studies at Sunway University have performed well academically.

Forty-two per cent of the first class honours graduands at Sunway University’s 2017 graduation ceremony are alumni of the FIA programme.

For further information about the Foundation in Arts programme or other pre-university programmes at Sunway College, call 03-7491 8622 or email: info@sunway.edu.my or log on to http://sunway.edu.my/college

Alternatively, drop by the campus this Dec 16 and 17 from 10am to 4pm for the Sunway Education Open Day.

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