1. Harold Thwaites (second row, fourth from left) with other guests-of-honour and event organising committee members. 2. Looong Bee thrilling the crowd with a sand art performance. 3. Mixx N Match dance crew entertaining the crowd with their dance. 4. The stunning entertainment act that lit up the room. 5. Bil Musa, an upcoming Malaysian singer song writer performing at the charity event.

A total of RM16,980 was recently raised for Rumah Hope through a charity dinner themed as “An Enchanting Evening”.

The event organised by the Department of Communication and Liberal Arts (DCLA) of Sunway University was attended by 300 people.

Aimed at raising awareness of abused and neglected children in Malaysia and to improve their welfare and social lives, the event saw singing performances by Yise Loo and Bil Musa, sand art performance, drumming and dancing. Ten lucky participants also walked away with amazing prizes including electrical devices.

Among those present at the event were Rumah Hope chairman Gerard Peter and Sunway University’s School of Arts dean Professor Harold Thwaites.

Thwaites who had also generously contributed towards the home commented that it was one of the best evenings that he had attended in his 12 years stay here in Malaysia.

“A wonderful and professionally organised event by these 15 students from the Department of Communications and Liberal Arts that will certainly benefit the children of the home,” he said.

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