Wong Kar Ling (front row, centre) with other delegates at Putrajaya.
“Love what you do and do what you love. Passion is the key to drive you further” -- Wong Kar Ling
Wong Kar Ling (far right) receiving her award as the “Most Oustanding Delegate” at Asia Youth International Model United Nations.

WATCHING courtroom dramas and legal TV shows can aspire one to be a lawyer but that was not the sole reason why a 22-year-old lass from Penang took up Law.

Currently in her third year at University of Malaya (UM), Wong Kar Ling has long nourished her ambition to be a lawyer since young.

It all started when she met a VIP on stage during a charity event which sponsored children who excelled in their academics and co-curriculum.

“He told me that he is a lawyer and he is contributing towards the society, as a payback towards the community. It touched my heart to see a professional with a career doing his bit to assist the needy and protect the weak.

“From that moment on, I thought being a lawyer made perfect sense and that’s why I chose to study law. It not only provide me with the theory but a stepping stone to equip me with the necessary knowledge and critical thinking.

“However, to do law, I was rather dubious if I could proceed further due to financial constraints. As the saying goes, where there is a will, there is always a way, so I was beyond words when three universities called me for interviews.

“I chose UM for its prestigious recognition worldwide and told myself how cool it is to study law here,” said Wong, who has another year to complete her studies.

She added that even though she has a long journey ahead of her, it is her dream to complete her degree and do a nine to 10 months Chambering before being called to the Bar.

Recently, she won the Most Outstanding Delegates at the Asia Youth International Model United Nations (AYIMUN) in Malaysia. She received a plaque and a certificate for her achievement.

Wong has been very passionate about the Model United Nations (MUN) and one day as she scrolled her social media, she found a link that led her to the Asia Youth International Model United Nations in Malaysia.

“I wasted no time and filled in the form, before being invited to participate in the event which was held in Kuala Lumpur from November 3 to the 6.

“I was lucky to be shortlisted from 6,000 application as only 600 were accepted as delegates from 32 countries such as Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand.

“For me it is a good platform to improve international experience on global issues in the 21st century. I gained a lot of exposure and was able to develop my knowledge regarding the assembly of the UN.

“During the event, I became a delegate from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and a UN representative of Peoples’ Republic of China. I also addressed the issue on International Monetary Fund, apart from proposing solutions.

“I am thrilled to be part of it and to be able to make my country proud at a global platform. I believe participating at the event helped me develop leadership skills, analytic thinking and enhance diplomacy as well as public speaking skills.”

MUN is an academic simulation which incorporates its rules, procedures and workflow between international delegations, executive board and international press while involving qualified, upper crust parliamentary debaters from all academic backgrounds.

At MUN, one is bound to witness an exhilarating debate on a particular agenda in parliamentary form within its walls.

Wong attributed her success in life thus far to her dedicated and loving parents who both play a significant role to ensure that she gets to do what she wants to.

“My parents have never pressured me to do things on their terms but have always encouraged that I pursue my dreams and do whatever I like. But of course, to a certain extent, I can say that I have a lively childhood.

“There is room for me to nurture my interest and do things that I like, and be a master of my own life,” she added.

Wong said she was very active during her seven years of studies at the Penang Chinese Girls’ High School as she participated in various events, clubs and activities. And her passion continued as she further her studies in UM.

“I thought I would reduce my involvement in campus activities as I would want to focus on my studies, but so far I managed to balance my time between studies and activities. I also get to socialise with friends after lectures,” she said.

She also tries not to waste time and get herself to work part-time every semester break. To her, the exposure and experience she gains is invaluable compared to merely earning an extra income.

Wong said throughout her life, she met a lot of good Samaritans that she looked up to as idols. She wants to continue doing charitable deeds, more so after she graduates. She said that is the only way she gets to give back to the society.

Her philosophy in life is simple — you need to be proactive, lead the team, not be dominant but diplomatic.

“Love what you do and do what you love. Passion is the key to drive you further,” she added.

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