THE public can now access Sunway University’s intellectual property, including its research, public lectures by global thought leaders and artworks, with the recent launch of its very own publishing department.

Sunway University Press was set up in 2016 in line with the university’s vision to be an Asian powerhouse for knowledge.

Sunway University Chancellor Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, who is also founding trustee of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, said the university had for decades opened its halls to knowledge-seekers across ages through free public lectures and scholarships.

Sunway University Press presents ‘Great Thinkers, Great Minds - Sunway University Professorial Lecture Series’ and ‘All About Derivatives - Mathematical Differentiation for College Students’ to the public. (From left) Sunway University and Sunway Education Group senior executive director Dr Elizabeth Lee, Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, Professor Peter Heard and Professor Graeme Wilkinson.

“We have always believed in allowing access to knowledge so that we can create a society of lifelong learners for a sustainable, inclusive and progressive society.

“The publishing department further reiterates our ambition to have quality knowledge within reach of more people.”

Cheah said this would be another step in its efforts to encourage a vibrant intellectual environment of sharing, learning and raising standards of excellence in the field of education in the region.

“We have modelled Sunway University Press along the lines of renowned university publication units, such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Harvard University Press.

“Of course, building the reputation of Sunway University Press takes time, but as the Chinese saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step.”

In conjunction with the launch, Sunway University Press presented its first two publications of the year. The book Great Thinkers, Great Minds - Sunway University Professorial Lecture Series showcases a selection of 10 papers on fascinating and original research presented as public lectures by the university’s pre-eminent academics.

Abdul Latiff Md Ahood with his book.

Based on Sunway University’s Professorial Lecture Series presentations between 2014 and 2016, this book encompasses an array of fascinating research prospects from a variety of fields.

The first volume delves into the areas of sciences, arts, higher education and global politics. Among the topics discussed include the role of satellite data in the sustainable management of the environment, the use of digital technologies in modern museum experience and the relevance of diversity in higher education.

This book is suitable for readers who wish to keep abreast of novel research ideas and breakthroughs that will impact the way we live in the 21st century.

Edited by Sunway University provost Professor Peter Heard, who has also contributed his own article to the book, the book’s contributors include Professor Graeme Wilkinson, Professor Pua Eng Chong, Dr Goh Cheng Teik, Professor Poh Chit Laa, Professor Stephen J. Hall, Professor Glenda Crosling, Professor Edward R.T. Tiekink, Professor Harold Thwaites and Professor Naveed Ahmed Khan.

Sunway University Press launched two books, ‘Great Thinkers, Great Minds - Sunway University Professorial Lecture Series’ and ‘All About Derivatives - Mathematical Differentiation for College Students,’ in a ceremony recently.

The second book, All About Derivatives - Mathematical Differentiation for College Students, co-authored by Sunway College’s pre-university lecturer Abdul Latiff Md Ahood and Mathematical expert Mohd Amirul Mahamud, is a practical guide to help college students master the concept of mathematical differentiation.

Abdul Latiff said the idea of writing this book began five years ago when he received a job offer from Tan Sri Professor Dzulkifli Abdul Razak, former vice-chancellor of Al-Bukhary International University in Alor Star, an institution dedicated for the underprivileged and marginalised students.

“I discovered that many were poor in algebra. That prompted me to start thinking about ways to improve the learning of algebra and how simplification skills can help these students.”

The book is a compact and practical guide to mastering the concept of differentiating all kinds of functions — from polynomials to exponential and logarithmic functions — through comprehensive worked examples, problem sets and straightforward explanations.

It is suitable for students taking Foundation or Matriculation Mathematics at local colleges and universities.

Wilkinson hoped the publishing department would aid the university in disseminating new knowledge generated through research to students and public.

“We are keen to encourage our students to read more as I believe a book a week keeps the brain at its peak.

“Instead of just getting information from online platforms, it is important to read serious books to stay in touch with subjects in an in-depth manner.”

Besides encouraging and stimulating an intellectual environment of sharing, learning and building, Sunway University Press supports academicians by providing them guidance on intellectual property matters and the publishing process.

“Sunway University Press intends to add value to the academic publishing process through peer review and editorial support. The publishing department will also provide a constructive writing and publishing space for academicians and keen writers outside of the university,” said Wilkinson, who is also chairman of the Sunway University Press Editorial Board.

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