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Caroline Ng Yi-Wye holding the letter of her achievement in the recent ACCA exam.
Caroline Ng Yi-Wye holding the letter of her achievement in the recent ACCA exam.

Caroline Ng Yi-Wye is the first Malaysian to rank as top in the world for the Strategic Business Leader (SBL) paper in theAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) examination last month.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman University College’s(TAR UC) final year Bachelor of Commerce student said the achievement left her speechless.

“I did not expect to achieve such results. I would have been grateful to just pass the paper, but to be able to score highest in the world came as a surprise to me.”

SBL is a four-hour compulsory professional level paper, which simulates a workplace environment requiring one to demonstrate a blend of technical, ethical and professional skills. The global passing rate for the paper was 46 per cent.

Ng’s success is a testament to her hard work and determination.

“The SBL paper encompassed different topics like governance, ethics, risk and strategy, as well as soft skills linked to leadership and critical thinking.

“Case studies will never be repeated so it’s pointless to try and memorise answers or spot questions. The paper tested our ability to assess, adapt and respond accordingly.”

She said preparation and good studying strategies were key to success.

“At TAR UC, the preparation for the paper is split over two modules so that we can have a better understanding of the learning outcome and effectively manage our time during the exam.

“My lecturer imparted a lot of knowledge that was important during the exam and my tutor’s question-and-answer approach during our tutorials helped us to think fast. I am grateful for their guidance.”

Coming from a pure Science background, she faced some difficulties in her early diploma days.

“My peers had some knowledge of accountancy from secondary school whereas I had none.

“I was lost in the beginning and had to build my foundation and understanding of each topic. Fortunately, I had very good tutors during my diploma days.

“In hindsight, enrolling in TAR UC’s Diploma in Accounting programme has turned out to be the best decision.”

Aiming to pursue a career in taxation, Ng said the skills acquired during her studies and through the ACCA examination had prepared her to hit the ground running after graduation.

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