Hari Raya offers good photo opportunities with friends and family. Razz Rossfaisal shares some tips on taking pictures during this festive season.

HARI RAYA Aidilfitri marks the end of Ramadan.

In Malaysia, it is a time when Malaysians from all walks of life get together and celebrate with their loved ones.

Besides the celebration, Hari Raya is also a day for photographs. Almost everyone will have a camera in hand, either a mobile phone or a high-end dSLR.

Here are some tips on how to take impactful photos on this special day.

1. SHALLOW DEPTH OF FIELD: It creates professional-looking photos. It can be done using a large aperture opening with the aperture set to a small F-number (usually starting from F4). You can also do this with mobile phones with selective focus function.

2. NATURAL LIGHT: Take advantage of natural light and shoot during the early morning or late afternoon. Light will add dimension to your photo with the interplay of shadow, silhouette and highlights.

3. FAMILY PHOTO: Shoot a studio-worthy family photo during sunset with a flash as fill light. This will make a great family photo. During sunset, your foreground will be dark so brighten your subjects with flash.

4. PETS: Don’t forget your furry darlings. You’ll be surprised at what they are up to on Hari Raya.

5. TAKE IT OUTDOORS: Have you been shooting the same angle every Hari Raya? Taking it outdoors will help refresh your Raya photos.