For those who spend a fair amount of time on the road, a good dash cam can be handy. Balqis Lim looks at eight such devices


The Anker Roav dash cam boasts crystal-clear recording in high definition, thanks to its Sony Exmor sensor. It has a wide-angle lens which captures four lanes of traffic and its “nighthawk vision” technology allows recording at night. The camera also has a gravity sensor which is shock activated and records incidents even when the driver is not in the car. Smartphone users use the ROAV app to download, manage and view recordings. Price: US$90 (RM381) at


The Black Box Mobius Pro is compact and takes up almost no space in your windshield. It records in HD, has a wide field vision and features a time lapse mode where the camera will automatically take still images. It is easily removable for outdoor and sport activities. Price: US$80 at


The Transcend DrivePro 200 camera boasts an extra-wide 160-degree viewing angle, a resolution of 1920x1080p (30fps) and a row of seven glass lenses to ensure everything is recorded in high clarity as it happens. There’s also an infrared filter lens to prevent fogging from heat generated after long recording. A large f/2.0 aperture enables the high-quality camera lens automatically adjust to light conditions, even at night. Price: RM499 at


The Cobra CDR 900 lets user share moments from their smartphone. Besides viewing and sharing recordings, users can connect, stream live and even record footage directly from mobile devices using its dedicated app. Via Cloud Mode, users can view their camera in real-time with their smartphone from anywhere in the world. The camera also utilises continuous loop recording with a motion sensor for automatic recording. It also has a 160-degree ultra-wide viewing angle. Price: US$231.78 at


The Xiaomi Mijia Mi dash cam is equipped with f/1.8 aperture, six sets of coated lenses for reduced reflections and high quality images when used at night. It has a 160-degree viewing angle and G-sensor feature. User can connect to its app to watch real-time footage or older videos and download them to mobile devices without using your internet data. Price: RM209 at


The Blaupunkt DVR BP2.0 FHD has a 120-degree wide viewing angle and offers top-quality video to keep track of all the details ­ even at night. It also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker. An important feature is its internal G-sensor which automatically activates the camera’s emergency recording mode in the event of a collision. Video files are fully protected and saved and can’t be overwritten by the loop recording function. Price: RM198 at


The Nextbase Ride motorcycle bike cam is designed specifically for motorcycle riders. With a fully waterproof IPx6 housing, full HD recording, GPS tracking and WiFi, this camera is ready to capture everything on the road, whatever the weather. It comes with a full motorbike hardwire kit including handlebar mount for easy setup. Price: US$352.87 at


Designed and crafted out of aluminium and high quality materials, the Falconzero F170HD+ is solid to the touch. It has all the standard features of a dash cam including six glass lenses, records in full HD 1080p and equipped with night mode. The dash cam also has an auto-save feature after a collision and able to capture a 170-degree angle. It doubles as a still camera so users can take close-up shots of the car’s damage or other evidence and store them along with video. Price: US$98.95 at

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