REFLECTION photography is something that many of us tend to overlook when taking pictures. This is because we hardly look down when photographing something. To become a creative photographer, the eyes need to be trained to look at different angles.

Puddles, lakes, canals, rivers, swimming pools and other reflective surfaces offer great photography opportunities. The calmer the surface, the better the reflection, but sometimes little ripples on the water surface add creativity to the photo too.

Always shoot with small apertures like F8 and above so that you can get better overall sharpness.

Here are some tips on taking good reflection photos.

1. A SURFACE WITH WATER: If you see a good subject, don’t just shoot straight at it. Try to look for a pool, puddle or reflective surface that can reflect what’s above. This photo of the Louvre in Paris looks like a cut of a diamond under a thin layer of water.

2. LOWER YOUR CAMERA: You will not get good reflection photos unless you lower your angle of shots. A camera with a flip LCD screen will be handy, or else it will be a challenge to compose the photos. This photo of men relaxing by the roadside in New Delhi, India was taken by lowering my camera to one centimetre from the puddle.

3. TIMING: The best times to take reflective photos are at dusk, early morning and late at night as the water condition in pools and lakes is calmer. This mirror view of Temple of Debod in Madrid, Spain was taken at dusk.

4. A LITTLE RIPPLE: Sometimes the surface of the water like the sea will not be as calm as that in a pool, but that little ripple can add to the creative element of the shots. This photo of a Sea Gypsy girl on a wooden boat was taken with some ripples on the surface of the water to add uniqueness to the photo.

5. CROP THE TOP PART: Sometimes more than one subject can offer good reflection photography. Choose the better one and crop the rest. In this photo of the Taj Mahal, the focus is on the reflection of the visitors and the monument.

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