The Galaxy S9 and S9+ are priced from RM3,299 to RM4,399.

BARCELONA: Samsung has unveiled its latest premium smartphones, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the Mobile World Congress 2018.

In Malaysia, the smartphones will be available beginning March 16.

It has been revealed that the recommended retail price will range from RM3,299 to RM4,399.

The focus on the new smartphones is the latest innovative camera technologies, targeting the visually-driven younger generation.

On top of that, as smartphone users are relying less on calls and texts; selfies, emoji and GIFs have become the new trend for communication.

Users may also use existing AR emojis.

This is also why Samsung has chosen to outfit both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ with technologies designed not just to produce amazing photos, but to help users connect more comfortably and have more fun with their phone.

These include features such as Super Slow-mo and Dual Aperture, which allow users to capture amazing moments in impeccable detail, as well as exciting innovations like AR Emoji, which offer users a fun and unique way to express themselves.

The AR emoji feature will allow users to express themselves in a fun and unique way.

Looking at the details, users will be thrilled to know that the Galaxy S9’s new Super Slow-mo function will make it easier to record special moments that pass too quickly to be seen by the naked eye – such as the minute a water balloon bursts, or the moment your child scores a big goal.

The camera’s shutter speed is now capable of capturing a blistering 960 frames per second (fps) footage.

In order to incorporate the function, Samsung outfitted the Galaxy S9 with a Super Speed Dual Pixel image sensor that supports faster image processing.

Composed of an image sensor, a fast readout circuit, and a smart dedicated DRAM memory chip, this sensor allows Super Slow-mo to record content that is 32 times slower than normal video, and four times slower than any other slow-motion mobile technology.

The camera also makes customising and sharing Super Slow-mo videos simple. Users have the option to create a GIF of their clip that they may save and share with three playback options: on loop, in reverse, or in swing mode.

The Super Slow-mo feature allows users to record content that is 32 times slower than normal video.

They can also add a soundtrack to their video, utilising a song from their library or any of Super Slow-mo’s 35 built-in options, and choose to display their Super Slow-mo clip on Galaxy S9’s home screen or lock screen.

When it comes to lighting, the Galaxy S9 has been equipped with the necessary. In this instance, its Dual Aperture camera is designed to adapt to various lighting conditions, automatically letting in more light when it’s dark and less when it’s too bright to ensure that photos are crisp and clear.

This level of clarity is possible with a new F1.5 aperture lens, which is the brightest currently available on a smartphone, with an F2.4 telephoto lens.

Samsung’s Dual Aperture camera is designed to adapt to various lighting conditions.

The lenses automatically adjust their apertures to reduce visual distortion and deliver the best possible picture, and help the camera provide 28 per cent better reception to light. Users may also adjust the apertures manually by utilising the camera’s Pro Mode.

And if you’re one of those who need an emoji to complete you and your messages, then the AR Emoji is your new best friend.

From a single selfie, the Galaxy S9’s machine-learning algorithm analyses more than 100 distinct facial features, including your eyes, nose, mouth, cheeks and forehead, and uses that data to generate a personalised 3D avatar that looks just like you.

It is capable of mimicking the user’s own movements, in addition to supporting 18 pre-set expressions at launch, which makes it easy to punctuate any point with a dynamic visual.

Users can choose to create their own avatar, or pick one from a built-in selection of unique characters. Each is fully customisable, so users may edit their avatar’s facial features, hairstyle, accessories (such as glasses) and clothing to their liking. Samsung is also collaborating with various partners to add more fun and iconic characters to the AR Emoji roster very soon.

Next up is Samsung’s intelligence platform, Bixby, which is deeply integrated into the Galaxy S9’s camera, and utilises augmented reality and deep learning technologies to provide users with a wide range of helpful, real-time information about the world around them.

When the user points their camera at an object, Bixby recognises what it’s looking at and instantly presents information related to that object overlaid on top of the image. Bixby currently features nine different camera modes, including Text, Food, Makeup, Wine, Shopping, Image, QR Code and more, which allow users to receive instant insight into their surroundings.

Of course, to make this all possible is its best-in-class Dual Camera which is composed of a pair of 12MP cameras – an F1.5 wide-angle lens with Super Speed Dual Pixel image sensor, and an F2.4 telephoto lens – that seamlessly combine their respective images into one.

The telephoto lens offers 2X optical and up to 10X digital zooming capabilities, while the camera’s dual optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology ensures that both lenses provide crisp, clear shots even when the user has a shaky hand.

The camera’s Live Focus feature makes snapping selfies more fun, and allows you to easily capture a perfect portrait shot and adjust the depth of field before the picture is taken, or afterward, in the Gallery app.

The Background Blur function will allow user to have even more creative control over their pictures.

As for the Background Blur function, user will have even more creative control over their pictures, allowing them to adjust their photo’s focus by applying a variety of shapes, including a heart or star to the background.

In addition, the cameras of both the Galaxy S9 and S9+ utilise machine learning technology to ensure that captured images are as clear as can be. The cameras’ Selfie Focus feature, for instance, automatically distinguishes the user’s face from their surroundings when taking a selfie, while Image Classification Solution automatically categorises images and recognises subjects’ surroundings to apply filters that make the photos looks like they were taken by a professional photographer.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be presented in Midnight Black, Coral Blue and Lilac Purple.

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