The XR-1 robot performs for the visitors at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain Feb 25, 2019. Reuters Photo

BARCELONA – Chinese outfit INNFOS has unveiled XR-1, an intelligent service robot powered by Smart Compliant Actuator (SCA), at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

The robot caught the eyes of many attendees and the media with its ability for intimate human interactions such as greeting, serving coffee, dancing, fielding Q&A and even threading needle!

SCA integrates the underlying servo driver, high-precision encoder, high-powered brushless motor, and lightweight gear reducer. It is the very foundation of the XR-1 intelligent service robot. The most important characteristic of SCA is its integrated compliant joints, which can achieve both high-precision and dynamic motions while maintaining its safety features.

SCA can be widely used in machinery manufacturing and processing, aerospace, precision instruments, healthcare and other fields. -- Bernama