The HUAWEI Mate30 Pro sports intelligent features, one if which is its amazing 40MP Supersensing Cine Camera which can capture ultra slow-mo videos and low-light videos.

RIDING on the success of the first two pre-order campaigns, the country’s three largest telecommunication companies Maxis, Celcom and Digi are rolling out attractive bundle offers for the HUAWEI Mate 30 Series.

Among these great promos include total gifts worth RM289 including a SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and PU Casing if you sign up with Digi. With Maxis, there is a Buy 1 Free 1 programme, which entitles you to a free Mate30 pro with every purchase of a Mate30 pro, or a free Mate30 with every purchase of a Mate30. And if you sign up with Celcom, you can get a free P30 with a purchase of a Mate30.

For more information on these packages, head over to the respective telco websites.

Why are these three telcos so confident to launch these amazing bundle offers?

This is most likely due to the success of the previous two pre-orders, which showed that Malaysians are in love with the great features of the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro.

Why do we love the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro?

1.The 40MP Supersensing Cine Camera

The HUAWEI Mate30 Pro features intelligent features, one if which is its amazing 40MP Supersensing Cine Camera which can capture ultra slow-mo videos and low-light videos.

It is the World’s First smartphone with a dedicated 40MP Cine Camera, which supports 4K 60fps video resolution, with an ISO of 51200, 4K HDR+ Cinematic Time-lapse, real-time video bokeh, and a new super-slow motion mode of up to 7680 fps. It owns the world’s highest frame rate on smartphone among other competitors. Furthermore, the HUAWEI Mate30 Pro is able to shoot 720p at a staggering 7680fps, 1080p at 960fps, and 4K at 60fps. It is also able to support Ultra Stable Recording and Ultra Low-light Ultra Wide Time-lapse.

2. AI Gesture Control

Besides the front camera, the 3D Depth Sensing Camera and Gesture Sensor are inducted together to identify your facial features and detect the movement of your hands. With this real-time information received in the Tiny-Core NPU, many commands such as unlocking, slide-changing, and screenshots can be executed swiftly when you look at the screen or simply swipe your hand.

The ultra-curved screen edges offer a wider area for interactions which also replaces physical buttons for a seamless design. You can naturally adjust the volume, take a selfie or enjoy quad-finger game control with this innovative side-touch interaction.

3. AI Auto Rotate

The HUAWEI Mate30 Pro introduces the AI Auto-Rotate which takes advantage of the phone’s 3D camera on the front to analyse the orientation of your eyes to lock the rotation of the screen, rather than relying on the gyroscope as most other devices do.

With AI Auto-Rotate turned on, you can finally do away with switching the auto-rotate feature off when folding your phone in your hand and laying on the couch or in bed.

4. Multi-screen Collaboration

In the latest EMUI 10, with just one simple tap, your smartphone and laptop will transform into “ONE” super device even without Internet connection. The on-going tasks of music playback or file editing automatically resume on the laptop. Your phone screen appears on your laptop which allows you to drag and drop files between them, and edit the files on your laptop while messaging colleagues on your phone using the same keyboard and mouse. This cross-device collaboration makes life and work easier.

5. World’s first 27W Wireless Charging

Inheriting the powerful Mate DNA, the HUAWEI Mate30 features an upgraded 4500mAh (typical value) battery which can easily support your one-day requirements. You will benefit from the chipset’s improved power efficiency and intelligent power management system to power you up even longer than before. This time, the Mate30 Pro has improved its wireless charging to 27W which is the highest speed among other brands. The wireless reverse charging speed has also increased to three times compared to the last generation.

6. Enjoy Attractive and Exclusive Free Gifts

There reasonable, value for money retail price of the HUAWEI Mate30 series has made it very popular among users. Get on the bandwagon now to upgrade to an intelligent phone and receive attractive free gifts, including the OSMO Mobile 3, SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and PU Casing.

Now, you will also get a SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger and HUAWEI Care service including 1-year extended warranty and 1-month screen crack protection.

7. Enhanced development of HUAWEI AppGallery

Although there are users who are still worried about the software issue, especially Google Mobile Services, HUAWEI has enhanced the development of its HUAWEI AppGallery to address these issues and allay customer’s worries.

The HUAWEI Mate30 series is using the Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) system, and users may be unable to install certain GMS software. There are several online viral videos sharing how to solve this issue.

Meanwhile, the number of daily activities on the HUAWEI AppGallery has surged to 1.5 million, and 27 commonly used apps have been successfully integrated in one month, covering all aspects in life such as food, clothing, housing and more. Banking apps such as MayBank and Hong Leong Bank can also be installed through HUAWEI AppGallery.

From September to October 2019, 200,000 new users have joined the HUAWEI AppGallery .

In Malaysia, for the first ten months of this year (Jan-Oct) the total downloads from HUAWEI AppGallery have reached 100 million.

8. Additional 50GB Cloud Storage for HUAWEI Mate30 Users

HUAWEI recently launched 50GB cloud storage and other amazing activities to give more options to users. You will still get to enjoy a 3-month free 50GB Cloud storage.

9. Faithful After-sale service

This year, Huawei's after-sales service has shown top-notch service and sincerity to deliver the best to their customers. These include initiatives such as their direct customer service from Whatsapp hotline and official hotline, 1-month screen crack protection phone screen insurance and 1-year extended warranty.

10. Nationwide roadshow starts today until Jan 1, 2020

The HUAWEI Mate 30 | 30 Pro Roadshow officially kick off now until 1 January 2020. Treat yourself to an experiential tour at the HUAWEI Mate 30 | 30 Pro Roadshow only in HUAWEI Experience Store, Pavilion Elite. The roadshow aims to showcase the Super Flagship device key unique features in exploring various ways on how you can fully utilise the Mate30 Series camera function, dubbed as the Best Videography Smartphone.

More importantly, there will be a special roadshow promotion for the first 100 people who purchase the Mate30 Pro*. They will receive a HUAWEI Freelace worth RM 369 and other promotions such as Free HUAWEI SuperCharge Wireless Car Charger & HUAWEI Care* worth RM 537 are also up for grabs. Special 2x Lucky Draw chances are also available for Malaysians to win awesome HUAWEI products.

*Terms & Conditions apply.

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