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GOING digital is no longer seen as a luxury. With society moving towards cashless transactions and growing online platforms to reach out to a wider market, it is fast becoming a necessity to get on board the digital platform.

With an aim of spreading digital literacy and empowering businesses and individuals to go online, Google came up with a global initiative called "Grow with Google".

Globally, the initiative has many pillars to it.

In Malaysia, the initiative mainly focuses on small businesses, local entrepreneurs and individuals who will support these businesses in the future either as potential consumers, clients and employees.

In a statement, the "Grow with Google" program in Malaysia highlights two pillars; "Mahir Digital Bersama Google" and "Women Will".

"Mahir Digital Bersama Google" offers free trainings, tools, and platforms that will assist Malaysians to find a job, advance their careers, and grow their businesses.

"Women Will" is an interactive workshop in communicating, networking, negotiating and more, especially curated for women to help them succeed and become better leaders and entrepreneurs.

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